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Drug Testing Diagnostics

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Drug Testing, under the Syva® brand name, has more than a 40-year legacy of providing an extensive and innovative portfolio of assays and instruments for drug monitoring. The Testing systems combined with gold standard EMIT® reagents have the flexibility and capacity to meet all your drug testing needs. Tailor your drug monitoring solution — Choose the instrument
and reagent combination 
that ideally suits your laboratory requirements
and volume needs.

EMIT(Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique)

EMIT is a Homogeneous Enzymimmunoassay method which is used to analyze specific components in biological liquids. EMIT stands for Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique. The Immunoassay-based method, first introduced by Syva in 1973 for the qualitative and quantitative/ semiquantative determination of drug levels and metabolites in serum and urinary samples, is widely used for screening in Drug of Abuse testing.

Advantages of EMIT Method:

First Homogeneous Enzymimmunoassay method for use to drug markers detection

  • No need to wash step after binding antigen-antibody
  • High specific antibody to target drug metabolites
  • Perfect repeatability rate and high conformity about lot to lot
  • Adaptablity to clinical analyzers


R1 : Antibody-Substrate Reagent
R1 : Enzyme Reagent

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Copyright © 2009 - 2019 İnvitrotek A.Ş. All Right Reserved by Invitrotek
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