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Line Assay

A user-friendly test strip carries up to 48 immobilized probes for wild-type and mutated alleles. Specific hybridization o f amplified sample DNA wiht the immobilized probes results in an easy to analyze color pattern on the strip. Deletions, mutations and methylation can be clearly identified and thus certain cancers, genetic diseases and genetic predispositions can be diagnosed with high reliabilitiy.

Viennalab StripAssay’s are based on the reverse-hybridization principle, and include three successive steps: DNA is isolated from anticoagulated blood by a rapid and convenient procedure. Then, relevant gene sequences are simultaneously in vitro amplified and biotin-labelled in a single (<>) amplification reaction.

Finally, the amplification products are selectively hybridized to a test strip, which contains allele-specific (wild type and mutant) oligonucleotide probes immobilized as an array of parallel lines. Bound biotinylated sequences are detected using streptavidin-alkaline phosphatase and color substrates.

  1. Isolation
    Rapid isolation of genomic DNA. Convenient from easily obtained bodily fluids, tissue and stool.
  2. Amplification
    Easy multiplex PCR-amplification of sequences of interest. Simultaneous biotin-labelling.
  3. Hybridization and Identification
    Precise selective hybridization of sequences of interest onto StripAssay. Mutant and wild-type probes on StripAssay.
    Clear identification of hybridized sequences of interest only. Biotinylated sequences detected by streptavidine-alkaline phosphatase.

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Copyright © 2009 - 2019 İnvitrotek A.Ş. All Right Reserved by Invitrotek
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